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7 Best Places to Live in Oakland 

Searching for the best places to live in Oakland? Here are 7 of Oakland's best neighborhoods!

The west coast port city of Oakland, California has many advantages. As a thriving business center with even better weather, it is no wonder why Oakland is considered an ideal place to live in the state of California. While moving to San Francisco may be a more popular destination in the Bay Area, this bustling city on the east bay is becoming a top location for young professionals and entrepreneurs. If you are thinking about moving to Oakland then you are probably wondering where you should live. Home to many safe and sought-after communities, this neighborhood guide was created to help you find a good place to call home.

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7 Best Places to Live in Long Beach, California 

Searching for the best neighborhoods in Long Beach, CA? Here are 7 of the best places to live in Long Beach! 

Located in southern California, the coastal city of Long Beach is just south of Los Angeles and is about two hours north of San Diego. Considered a good place to live, the residents of Long Beach love the cities relaxed beach vibe and easygoing atmosphere. Though it may be expensive to live in Long Beach due to the high cost of living, many people are being drawn to the area for its amazing beaches, exciting nightlife, and abundance of restaurants. 

Best Neighborhoods in Long Beach California - What are the best places to live in Long Beach, CA?

If you have always wanted to live in the sunshine near the water then you should jump at the chance to move to Long Beach. Full of many

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7 Best Places to Live in Sacramento, California

Searching for the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, California? Here are the 7 best places to live in the Capital city!

Known as the capital of California, the city of Sacramento is steeped in history that dates all the way back to the Gold Rush era. Often referred to as the “Farm-to-Fork” capital of the United States, living in Sacramento means having access to amazing food and local fresh produce all year round. Featuring a wide range of architectural designs, find homes displaying Colonial Revival, Victorian, Minimalist, Spanish Colonial, or Bungalow styles. Considered one of the most diverse places to live in America, Sacramento is often revered for its cultural diversity. Plus, named as one of the

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6 Best Neighborhoods in San Jose, California 

Here are 6 of the best neighborhoods in San Jose with local information on the top places to live!

San Jose, California is considered the heart of Silicon Valley and a bustling technological center in northern California. Full of millennials, techies, and entrepreneurs, if you want to start your own business or want to climb the company ladder then this is the place for you. Not only is San Jose one of the best places to live in California, but the city was also named as one of the best places to start a family and raise children that will be healthy and successful.

Best Neighborhoods in San Jose, CA - What are the best places to live in San Jose California?

While San Jose may be one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, it is known as a great place to live that is

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7 Best Places to Live in San Francisco, California

Here are 7 of the best places to live in San Francisco, CA with local information on each neighborhood!

Full of neighborhoods that are trendy, hip, and a little old school, San Francisco is one of the most exciting and diverse places to live if you can afford the high prices. From colorful and historic Victorian row homes to houses with the perfect views of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge, living in this vibrant city has a lot to offer its residents. If you are deciding whether or not you should make the move to San Francisco then you might need some help figuring out where to live. No matter if you are looking for a neighborhood that is affordable, safe, family-friendly, or near all of the hustle

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Best Places to Live in San Diego, CA

What are the best neighborhoods in San Diego? Check out 6 of the top places to live in SD below!

If you want to live somewhere with perfect weather all year round then look no further than San Diego, California. Considered one of the best places to live in California, San Diego is a fun place to call home with amazing beaches, affordable neighborhoods, and a plethora of business opportunities. Not only is the local economy growing and remaining strong, but many companies and start-ups are choosing San Diego as their headquarters location. Large companies including Cubic Corporation, Pulse Electronics, Sony, and Qualcomm are among the top businesses in the city that employ many residents.

Best Neighborhoods San Diego, CA - Here are the best places to live in San Diego!

If you have always

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Best Places to Live in Los Angeles

What are the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles?

Most famous for its beaches, hillside living, warm weather, and entertainment industry, the southern California city of Los Angeles remains one of the most well-known cities in the world. Named as one of the best places to live in California, Los Angeles truly is the city for dreamers and goal getters. If you have always wanted to move to California then moving to Los Angeles may be just the place for you. Full of excitement and the hustle and bustle of city life, Los Angeles is home to a variety of different neighborhoods that each have their own distinct vibe and character. While finding a new place to live may seem stressful and daunting, finding the right

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Tips for Newly Married House Hunters

Getting married is a joyous time, but it is also a major life transition. In general, it's a good idea to try and limit big life changes to occur one at a time if possible, but for many, marriage and buying a home go together like a horse and carriage. After all, marriage is a union of two people into a new family, and it only makes sense that the new family would want to invest in a new home. We've put together a guide for how to decide if homebuying as newlyweds is right for you, and if so, what you'll need to know to begin married life in your dream house. So if wedding bells are on the horizon, read on. 

Tips for Newly Married House Hunters

Deciding to Buy a New Home

The question of whether newlyweds should rent or buy is a big one.

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Living in Santa Clara 

Are you thinking of moving to Santa Clara, CA - Here is what it's like living in Santa Clara!

Only 45 miles south of San Francisco lies the bustling city of Santa Clara, California. With a population of close to 128,000 people, the city is continually growing and expanding as more and more companies decide to make Santa Clara their headquarters. Home to both young professionals and families, college graduates are making the move to Santa Clara in order to land high-profile jobs. Providing residents with an urban and suburban lifestyle, there are plenty of open-air shopping centers, restaurants, green spaces, parks, and walking trails to enjoy while also being surrounded by Fortune 500 companies.

Moving to Santa Clara, CA - what is it like living in Santa Clara, California?

Considered one of the

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Living in Bakersfield, California

Are you moving to Bakersfield, CA? Here is what it's like living in Bakersfield!

Located just two hours north of Los Angeles on the Kern River and right next to the Sequoia National Forest lies the city of Bakersfield, California. This southern California city in Kern County is considered a good place to live due to its high quality of life, affordability, and available housing. Found along the main route from southern California to northern California, Bakersfield may not be the most glorious city but it has a lot of potential for future residents. Worth the move, Bakersfield offers its residents warm weather and many opportunities in business and entertainment. Famous for its country music, Bakersfield is actually

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