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Posted by Ryan Fitzgerald on Monday, January 29th, 2018 at 6:33pm.

Selling a Home in Charlotte 2018 Realtor Tips/Advice 

10 Realtor® Tips to Help Sell Your Home

  1. Right Price
  2. Professional Help
  3. Make Any Necessary Repairs 
  4. Hire the Right Agent
  5. Be Flexible With Showings
  6. Have Professional Pictures Taken
  7. Review Your Listing Online
  8. Respond to Offers Promptly
  9. Make the Buyer Feel Like They’ve Won 
  10. Prepare for the Move

Selling your first home is bittersweet. Chances are you made some great memories and it's time to grow into something more accommodating for your lifestyle.

There are many different angles to take when selling your home. Some sellers want to sell as quickly as possible and move into their new home. Some sellers want to be patient and wait for the best offer. Whichever seller you plan on being, we have put together a list of tips we think you should review to help benefit you! After reading this article, your knowledge of selling homes will sharply increase, setting you up with an advantage over the buyers that are in the market. Let’s dive right in then!

Listing Your Home at the Right Price

Listing your home at the right will help you sell your home right away and for the most money, by attracting the highest number of buyers in the shortest span creating multiple offer scenarios. In Charlotte we use an all-out blitz strategy to increase the desirability of the home in the eyes of potential buyers by creating a window of opportunity to see the home (usually list it on Thursday, no showings until the open house Saturday at 1pm).

If you overprice your home you are hurting yourself by driving away potential buyers. The higher the price is, the lower the demand for your home will be because not everyone can afford it. Also, listing your home too low will hurt you financially. If your listing price is lower than the price you had previously bought it, you will be losing money. Since you are the seller you should expect to lose some money during this process from home upgrades and repairs that you may have to make on the home for it to be more appealing to potential buyers. We will get into that later on in the article. Although listing your home low will attract a large number of potential buyers, you will walk away with a lot less money and not be able to afford the next home you want to move in to.

You want to list your home at just the right price. To do this it would be smart to seek the advice and professional help of a real estate agent. Someone who has the experience of listing homes. Finding a realtor that works specifically in the area you are listing your home will help tremendously, as they have the knowledge of that area from working there. You and your agent will work together to find the best possible price. Unfortunately, as every seller wants to pick a price that they believe makes the most sense for their home, that’s not how it works. The market chooses the right price for your home based on data of homes sold in the previous six months. As long as you focus on not dramatically overpricing (or underpricing), you will be fine.

Professional Help in Preparing Your Home

Although there is nothing wrong with wanting to sell your home without any professional realtors, it may be more beneficial for you to hire one. Some sellers have experience and knowledge of the real estate market and feel that they can sell their home on their own. That’s perfectly fine and great! If this is your first time selling your home or if you are reading this because it’s been so long since you sold one, it will benefit you to seek assistance. Preparing your home for showings will greatly increase your chances to sell your home.

A professional will give you advice on ways that you can shape up your home by making it presentable for showings and open houses. Making sure to declutter it and keeping it clean at all times is important. You never know if a potential buyer wants to see it without much notice or a heads up and you don’t have enough time to clean everything. The last thing a potential buyer wants to do is walk into a house that is messy. They want to have a sense of a clean and refreshing home as soon as they walk in the door. If you aren’t pleasing the buyers then you aren’t going to sell your home.

A good realtor will tell you how crucial it is to prepare your home. They will advise you to take some of the furniture out of the house, making it look more spacious. Also, taking family pictures down and replacing them with neutral-style pictures will make it easier for buyers to envision themselves living there. It is too difficult for someone to see themselves living in the home if all they are seeing are your family pictures everywhere.

Make Necessary Repairs

A lot can be wrong with your home, some things you may not even know about. It is important that you get your own inspection done before listing the home. If anything is caught that you weren’t aware of and could prevent the title from conveying, make sure you make the necessary repairs. Some of it may be costly, but if it’s a roof that you had to repair, the value of your home will go up because you just had the roof replaced. Any new appliances of the home will be more attracted to a potential buyer. They will be happy to know they don’t have to stress about it anytime soon when buying your home.

You want to catch any necessary repairs early on or it could hurt you down the road. If you are already far into negotiations, you may have spent a good amount of time and money on other things. All the stress you have gone through to finally get to the closing table just to find out that something came up in the buyer’s inspection report. Now you are back to square one. The buyer will either not continue until you have the repairs made, which will delay the transaction further, or pull themselves out of the contract entirely. Time is of the essence in real estate, make sure you aren’t wasting anyone’s time or it could hurt you.

Be sure you aren’t repairing or paying for anything that is unnecessary. Focus on the things that buyers are looking for and need to be repaired or upgraded. An example of something that you shouldn’t have to worry about is an unfinished basement. If the buyers want the basement finished, they can hire someone to finish it. Only the crucial necessities such as roof, HVAC, septic, leaks, cracks, etc. anything that may be a material fact that could stop title from conveying. Also, do not go crazy on the capital investments with repairs. You do not want to lose a ton of money since a lot of those things you may not make back in the sale of your home.

Hire the Right Agent

If you are nervous about selling your house for the first time, that is okay and perfectly normal! You always have the option of hiring a real estate agent to use their experiences and help list your home for you. If you decide to go this route it is very important that you pick the right agent to get the job done. Trying to find the best real estate agent can be stressful so it is smart to talk to a few and pick who you feel most comfortable with. They need to earn your business. It’s your home and they are only there to assist you and help you walk away from the closing table pleased. Make sure you don’t hire someone who is a headache and never answers their phone when you call. 

You are putting a lot of time and trust into a working relationship with a realtor. You already have a ton of stress trying to prepare your home to be listed. That is where a good realtor will come in and help. They will relieve a lot of that stress you are probably carrying. Listen to their advice and how they can help you to the best of their ability. If you interview a few different realtors, choose the one that you think will give you the best opportunity to sell your home.

After reading all about how to prepare your home, price your home, what things to repair on your home, you are starting to understand just how important it is to hire the right real estate agent. Not every agent is going to get the job done. Make sure you pick one that you think will!

Be Flexible With Showings

If you are in a good area or your home is not overpriced, you may be getting a lot of showing requests. This can cause a headache since you are trying to maintain a sparkling clean house but you and your family are still living there. This means maybe multiple times per day you need to get your things together and leave for an hour or so. It can be a struggle, trying to force the kids to keep the house clean but all they want to do is kick their shoes off and go play. It is crucial during this time to allow as many people as possible to see your home. Even if that means leaving 2-3 times a day to let it be seen by potential buyers! It will help your chances of your home being seen by someone who loves it and making an offer on it.

Of course, if all sellers had another place to live during the time your home was listed, they would just stay there. But not all sellers have more than one home. If you have nearby family members, you could stay with them for some time. But if you are living in your home then you will have to find some way to kill an hour or so. Some sellers rent out a small place during this time, or go away for a week, leaving the home clean and available for showings. Find something that works for you and your family. If you have a pet, it would be smart to remove it from the house before showings. Take it with you or have a friend watch it while your home is still active on the market. As long as you stay flexible with the showings, your home will have a better chance of getting sold.

Have Professional Pictures Taken

Preparing your home is a critical step when making your home look appealing. When potential buyers walk in they want to see a beautiful home. They want to walk in and see exactly what they saw in the pictures online, that’s the whole reason they requested a showing. It is recommended to have professional photos taken of your home, inside and outside. The photos are very important if you want to get buyers to see your home. There are so many factors that play into taking great pictures. If the pictures that are taken of your home are low-quality and don’t stick out, you will not get many offers.

It’s 2018, almost all buyers are searching for homes online. The closest they will get to inside your house will be by looking at pictures of every bedroom, bathroom, living room, backyard, hallway, staircase, etc. If they are flipping through pictures and they see high-quality, a lot of natural light, professional-looking pictures they are much more likely to request a showing. Pictures are everything in today’s real estate world. Make sure that your pictures make your home look amazing. The home should look like the pictures. Buyers do not want to walk in and see something completely different than what they saw in the pictures. Professional photographers will set the rooms up to make them look bigger which will attract more buyers.

Reviewing Your Listing

The last thing you want happening during this process is for your home to be advertised with incorrect information. A potential buyer may see some features of your home that may not all be correct. It is important to go through the MLS and any websites that your home is being advertised on and make sure that all of the information is correct. Some examples would be the address, year built, any typos you may see or incorrect information that you know aren’t true. It can also help you find some things that aren’t on the listing that you think should be there. If you find any of the above, contact your real estate agent and inform them immediately.

Potential buyers tend to ignore homes for sale that have incorrect information listed. We are all human and mistakes are made every day. It doesn’t hurt to go over and review the listing to catch something. It may be perfectly listed, but it will at least put your mind at ease knowing that everything there is correct. Your agent will do their best to make sure that everything is right in the listing, but they may have a lot of listings and get something switched up. It is important to catch something like that right away to prevent potential buyers from moving past your listing when searching for homes to buy.

Respond to Offers Promptly

If you are receiving a lot of offers, it can get overwhelming. But even if you aren’t receiving many offers, don’t ignore any hoping more will come in. Every offer you receive is critical and should be responded too as soon as possible. Remember, time is one of the biggest factors that take place in real estate transactions. It not only benefits you to respond to an offer as soon as possible, but it is also kind to do so for the buyer. If you don’t plan to accept the buyer’s offer, they want to know right away so that they can either make you a better offer or move on to the next home. If they are kept waiting then they may miss out on something else. Time is of the essence in real estate, and everyone’s time is so valuable in their own way. It is important to always be respectful of that, you don’t want anyone wasting your time!

Reviewing and responding to offers is beneficial to you as well. If at first, the offer wasn’t what you were hoping for, you could always counter offer for something in your favor. The sooner you do this, the more you can learn about the buyer. If they are very serious they will respond promptly as well. If not, then you may not hear back right away or at all. Buyers work a little different than sellers do, especially if they have never bought a home before. They too need assistance from a realtor most of the time.

Make the Buyer Feel Like They’ve Won

Making sure that the buyer believes he or she has won will benefit you greatly. It is very important to follow this tip when you are in the middle of negotiations and getting close to an agreement. Negotiations can feel like a competition, and in ways it really is. Although everyone is aiming at the same goal, both sides want to walk away feeling like they won. Having a strategy when negotiating will help you get a better deal, one closer to what you want even though the buyer thinks they are the ones who really benefited. You are much more likely going to come to an agreement if you make the potential home buyers feel as if they are getting the better deal.

Especially if the potential buyers are first time home buyers, they may not have experienced negotiations take place. You can sweeten the pot and get the buyers excited about the counter offer! Stay in control of your emotions during this process, because if you let them take over the negotiating for you, you may make a costly mistake. Having a good Realtor by your side will help keep your head on straight
}receiving many more serious offers from other potential buyers. This puts you in a much better position as a seller and could land you a great deal!

Prepare for the Move

Preparing for your move ahead of time will be a lot less of a headache when it comes time to move everything out. This is good advice to remember when it’s time for you to finally list your home. Start packing things up and taking them out of the house or at least put away in storage somewhere. It will help you on moving day being ready, but also takes away a lot of the clutter and creates extra space, making the home look larger.

You never know when a serious buyer might come along. If you list your home and you aren’t ready to move out, it could put a long delay on things. It is better to plan ahead of time rather than not prepared when the time comes. Take down and put away all things that really personalize the home, and make it much more neutralized. As we said before, buyers want to visualize themselves living in the house, so taking down your family pictures and things will help you.

If you are selling your home in the springtime, the busiest time for the market and movers, you may have a really hard time finding movers to hire. This will also put a long delay on things and force you to start moving a lot of the things that movers would normally take for you. If you had reached out ahead of time then your chances of getting the movers out there ready for you increase greatly. Always prepare for everything ahead of time!

Final Thoughts on Selling a Home in 2018

We have some of the best Realtors in Charlotte, NC and are happy to assist with your home sale. If you are considering selling your home in Charlotte let us know!

If you have any questions about selling your home, or are looking for any advice/tips or help please drop us a comment below. We will respond promptly!

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