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Living in a New Place

Everyone moves at some point, and when that move involves a new city or town, or even a new state, it will take some real adjusting. We've created a guide for anyone who finds themselves living in an unfamiliar place, from how to combat depression to how to make new friends.

How to Adjust When Moving to a New Place

How Long Will it Take to Adjust?

Of course, every person is different, and so is the time it will take them to adjust to living in a new place. If buying a home is part of your move you will want to look for certain things that may help make your move even easier. Be sure you have the home inspected prior to moving in so you're not greeted with major problems when moving.

In considering this question, it's also important to remember that there is

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How to Help Children Adjust to Moving

While moving can be exciting, it causes a good deal of short-term stress. In fact, moving is consistently ranked as one of the most stressful life events. Along with the physical aspects of moving -- packing, for instance -- you may also experience feelings of loss, anxiety, and fear. 

If adults experience these emotions, imagine what it's like for a young child who must adjust to a new, unfamiliar space. Being uprooted from familiar surroundings can be traumatic for kids, especially if they're too young to understand what's happening. 

How to Help Children Adjust When Moving to a New Home

Why is moving to a new home hard on kids?

Even if you're just moving across town, the change is a big deal for children. Home is where your children feel most

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