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Credit Boosting Strategies for Prospective Home Buyers

How To Boost Your Credit Score FAST When Buying a Home

Many people are looking to raise their credit score fast to help with purchasing a home. Credit monitoring services like Credit Karma offer the ability for someone to track their credit score however the real question is how accurate is credit karma?  Months or even years before buying a home, prospective buyers should take a look at their credit scores and their credit history. It's especially important for first time home buyers who may not have as much of credit history as people who have owned homes in the past. When buying a home, most lenders are going to want to see a score of 620 though some lenders can make it work in the high 500s.

A home borrower's credit score and report make up

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Fire Preparedness: At Home Guide for Individuals With Disabilities

Did you know that fire is the third most common leading cause of death in the home? Unfortunately, more than 5,000 Americans die each year in a fire-related incident. With more than two million fires reported annually, having a plan in place and receiving early warning signs from a smoke detector are imperative to ensure a calm and timely evacuation from the home in case of a fire. By learning about fire safety, making your home fire safe, and planning escape routes, fire does not have to be as deadly as it has become.

Fire Preparedness: An at home Guide For Individuals with Disabilities

Statistics on Disabilities

There are over 43 million people in the United States and over one billion people in the world that live with a disability. In fact,

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What is Backyard Beekeeping?

Backyard beekeeping is not only a way to live and eat more sustainably, but it is a unique hobby that works towards protecting healthy bee populations. Thanks to backyard beekeeping and the ‘Save the Bees’ movement, bees are pollinators that are able to positively impact agriculture by improving crop yields. While most people may assume that beekeeping is an easy hobby, building a successful bee colony and keeping it healthy is actually a huge responsibility that takes a lot of time and effort. In fact, it can take years for a beekeeper to maintain a hive that is healthy and protected.

Backyard Beekeeping - What is backyard beekeeping and why keep bees in the first place?

Why Keep Bees?

Due to an increasing number of collapsing bee colonies over the past few years, beekeeping has turned into more of

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How To Declutter And Downsize: A Guide For Hoarders And Their Loved Ones 

Understanding Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding Disorder: A Guide to Decluttering and Downsizing for Hoarders and Their Loved Ones

What is Hoarding Disorder? 

Hoarding can be defined as the difficulty of discarding or getting rid of personal possessions and items no matter their actual significance or value. Normally associated with compulsive buying, those who suffer from hoarding disorder can be recognized due to the number of collected items in the home or the continued search for unique items. While the items that most hoarders collect vary, possessions such as newspapers, photographs, food, cardboard boxes, and clothing are among the most common items that are hoarded.

The most common symptoms of hoarding include: 

  • Not being able to get rid of

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Home Security and Personal Safety Resource Guide for Single Women

Women, especially single, unmarried, or divorced women, are disproportionately affected by stalking as well as violent and serious crimes, making women who live alone more at risk within their own homes. In fact, out of every 1,000 people, 21.1 women experienced a violent crime while 8.1 women experienced a serious violent crime. The most targeted age group are women ages 18 through 24 years old for both violent crimes and serious violent crimes. 

While marital status does seem to play a role in the average occurrence of violent crime, it is most likely due to the fact that women who are married seem to have more access to home security systems and safe neighborhoods. Interestingly

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Importance of Fostering a Safe Community

Community safety works to prevent and reduce crime while building a strong and tight-knit group that is centered around one common goal. Finding a community that values close relationships and connections is essential in order to feel safe and secure where you live, work, and spend your free time. Directly impacting the health and morale of individuals and families at home, becoming a part of a neighborhood that can protect and support each other is of the utmost priority.

How to Foster a Safe Community and prevent crime in your neighborhood!

General Crime Prevention Tips

In order to ensure a safer living environment, maintaining security around your property is something to consider both before and after buying a home. Securing your home against potential burglars and

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How to Help Children Adjust to Moving

While moving can be exciting, it causes a good deal of short-term stress. In fact, moving is consistently ranked as one of the most stressful life events. Along with the physical aspects of moving -- packing, for instance -- you may also experience feelings of loss, anxiety, and fear. 

If adults experience these emotions, imagine what it's like for a young child who must adjust to a new, unfamiliar space. Being uprooted from familiar surroundings can be traumatic for kids, especially if they're too young to understand what's happening. 

How to Help Children Adjust When Moving to a New Home

Why is moving to a new home hard on kids?

Even if you're just moving across town, the change is a big deal for children. Home is where your children feel most

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