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Selling a Home in Charlotte 2018 Realtor Tips/Advice 

10 Realtor® Tips to Help Sell Your Home

  1. Right Price
  2. Professional Help
  3. Make Any Necessary Repairs 
  4. Hire the Right Agent
  5. Be Flexible With Showings
  6. Have Professional Pictures Taken
  7. Review Your Listing Online
  8. Respond to Offers Promptly
  9. Make the Buyer Feel Like They’ve Won 
  10. Prepare for the Move

Selling your first home is bittersweet. Chances are you made some great memories and it's time to grow into something more accommodating for your lifestyle.

There are many different angles to take when selling your home. Some sellers want to sell as quickly as possible and move into their new home. Some sellers want to be patient and wait for the best offer. Whichever seller you plan on being, we have put together a list of

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The hottest time buyers are out shopping for a new home is during the spring and summer. There are a lot of deals being put into motion and many contracts being signed. However, does that make it the best time to buy a home?

When is the Best Time to Buy a Home

The correct answer to the question 'when is the best time to buy a home?' is when you are ready. You can find great homes and investments year round. So what is the ideal time?

@ uphomes we believe the best time for buyers, especially here in Charlotte, is actually in the Fall/Winter (yes, school and weather play a factor in most places!) and here are 7 reasons why! 

  • Decreased Competition
  • Motivated Sellers
  • Home's Flaws
  • Time to think
  • Agent's Priority
  • Price Reduction
  • Less Multiple Offers


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Thank you for taking the time to jump in and learn more about how to make your first time home buying experience a great one! Whether you're a first time home buyer in Charlotte, NC or anywhere in the country, the next few minutes you spend reading this article is an investment in yourself and your knowledge about buying a home.

This article is intended to walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know when it comes to buying a home for the first time. We will be diving into the benefits and programs available to you as a first time home buyer as well as be guiding you from the beginning to the closing table with our 10-Step Guide below.

First Time Home Buyer Charlotte NC

Without further ado, let's roll...

First Time Home Buyer Programs 

Deciding on buying your first home is

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Buying a Home in Charlotte NC - Information for Before you Buy!

Buying a home? Here are 11 Things you Need-To-Know BEFORE doing so:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Condition
  • School Districts
  • Neighborhoods
  • New Vs. Mature
  • Mortgage Type
  • HOA Vs. No HOA
  • First Time Home Buyer
  • Storage Space
  • Home Inspection

Location when buying a home in Charlotte


Location is the most important part of buying a home.

Whether you're buying a home in Charlotte, or anywhere in the world, location is going to have the largest impact on appreciation, desirability, and convenience. The price and condition of a home are two things you can change. The location is not. That is why location is able to dictate price.

Before you prioritize the criteria you're looking for in the home decide what location/s are important to you. Do you want to

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19 Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte NC

109 people are moving to Charlotte each day and these same folks are searching online for information about the best neighborhoods in the area. So we took it upon ourselves to give you a little overview of some of the great areas in Charlotte and if you have additional questions feel free to reach out here.

There are a lot of pros and cons to living in Charlotte, NC and for anyone moving here, you're probably wondering 'where to live?!' or 'what are the best spots for families in Charlotte?' As such, we are taking the opportunity to put together a Queen City guide to living in Charlotte with links to everything the city has to offer (including the best subdivisions and safest hoods)!

The Top Neighborhoods in Charlotte NC - What Are They?

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