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7 Best Places To Live In Bakersfield, California! 

Search the best neighborhoods in Bakersfield, CA below!

The southern California city of Bakersfield is a nice area with a desirable job market and high quality of life. Often thought to be a stop-over city for travelers, this overlooked destination actually has a lot to offer its residents. Thanks to its rich agricultural background and affordable housing market, the city is experiencing a resurgence of growth and popularity. If you have always wanted to move to California then Bakersfield might just be the place for you. Full of nice neighborhoods and safe areas, Bakersfield is a welcoming community open to all lifestyles and cultural backgrounds.

Best neighborhoods in Bakersfield, CA - What are the best places to live in Bakersfield, California?


Once you have decided that you want to

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7 Best Places to Live in Oakland 

Searching for the best places to live in Oakland? Here are 7 of Oakland's best neighborhoods!

The west coast port city of Oakland, California has many advantages. As a thriving business center with even better weather, it is no wonder why Oakland is considered an ideal place to live in the state of California. While moving to San Francisco may be a more popular destination in the Bay Area, this bustling city on the east bay is becoming a top location for young professionals and entrepreneurs. If you are thinking about moving to Oakland then you are probably wondering where you should live. Home to many safe and sought-after communities, this neighborhood guide was created to help you find a good place to call home.

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7 Best Places to Live in Long Beach, California 

Searching for the best neighborhoods in Long Beach, CA? Here are 7 of the best places to live in Long Beach! 

Located in southern California, the coastal city of Long Beach is just south of Los Angeles and is about two hours north of San Diego. Considered a good place to live, the residents of Long Beach love the cities relaxed beach vibe and easygoing atmosphere. Though it may be expensive to live in Long Beach due to the high cost of living, many people are being drawn to the area for its amazing beaches, exciting nightlife, and abundance of restaurants. 

Best Neighborhoods in Long Beach California - What are the best places to live in Long Beach, CA?

If you have always wanted to live in the sunshine near the water then you should jump at the chance to move to Long Beach. Full of many

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7 Best Places to Live in Sacramento, California

Searching for the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, California? Here are the 7 best places to live in the Capital city!

Known as the capital of California, the city of Sacramento is steeped in history that dates all the way back to the Gold Rush era. Often referred to as the “Farm-to-Fork” capital of the United States, living in Sacramento means having access to amazing food and local fresh produce all year round. Featuring a wide range of architectural designs, find homes displaying Colonial Revival, Victorian, Minimalist, Spanish Colonial, or Bungalow styles. Considered one of the most diverse places to live in America, Sacramento is often revered for its cultural diversity. Plus, named as one of the

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