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How to Make a Home Handicap Accessible

You should feel comfortable, secure, and confidant in your home so after writing about housing resources for people with disabilities we wanted to write one about how to make your home handicap accessible. So if you're living with a physical disability, your home may need modifications to make it safe and accessible for you. 

Whether your disability results from a congenital condition, an accident or injury, or the aging process, you should consider retrofitting aspects of your home to make it accessible to your specific needs. Here are some ways to make a home handicap accessible.

How to Make a Home Handicap Accessible - Handicapped Accessible homes

Making a Home Accessible to The Disabled

1. Remove or Modify Entryway Steps

Steps leading to your home can pose a

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Home Office: How to Create a Productive Environment at Home

The average commute to work is 30-minutes one way and 60-minutes total per day - It's no wonder employees are more productive when working from their home office. Are people more productive when working from home?

The average remote worker spends 1.4 more days per month or 16.8 more days per year working than those who work from an office. That's an extra 3 work weeks per year!

So how does one create a home office for max productivity when working from home? It starts with creating the right work environment in your home.

Home Office: How to Create a Productive Work Environment at Home

Some people can work from home and be much more productive than working in the office while others just can't seem to get started. To work from home, you have to

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Baby-Proofing Checklist: How to Baby-Proof a Home

For those who are expecting for the first time, life can get a bit hectic during the last few months. One of the things you need to do before you bring your new baby home is to baby-proof your home. You might ask yourself if you really need to baby-proof your home – yes, you do, if you want to keep your baby safe. However, you don't necessarily have to go out and spend money on all the newest baby-proofing things on the market. People have been having babies for centuries and have been able to baby-proof their homes without spending a ton of money.

How to Baby-Proof a Home - Baby-proofing house checklist for parents of newborns

The project of baby-proofing your home can seem daunting at first, but when you have a baby-proofing checklist, it will ensure that you don't forget

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Deaf Or Hearing Loss Home Safety Checklist

Nearly 37.5 million Americans or 15% of adults over age 18 experience hearing loss, reports the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). Meanwhile, almost three in 1,000 children are born with hearing loss in one or both ears. In the past, people who are deaf or hard of hearing may have required support in order to function safely at home. As people grow older it is natural to begin to lose their hearing. Thankfully, times have changed. Today’s technological advances and numerous safety measures allow you to remain independent in the privacy and comfort of your own house, even if you are living alone. Either way, keeping loved ones safe is a priority for us all.

Deaf or Hearing Loss Home Safety Checklist - How to live life at home safely with hearing impairment


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How to Convert a Spare Room into a Home Office

Wondering how to convert a spare room into a home office? Here are 10 tips that will take your spare room into a productive workspace!

Working from home has a lot of benefits – and it has its problems, too. From anxious pets vying for your attention to children running around the home you have to create a safe space to get work done. You can avoid many of those problems by converting a spare room into an office. Letting your family know that when your office door is shut is the same thing as you being at your office reduces some of the interruptions you face when working at home. This will help you maintain your mental health when working from home. 

How to Convert a Spare Room into a Home Office

Take Stock of What You Have

Decide which

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Best Places to Live in Atlanta

With 36 new residents per day making the move it's no wonder so many people are asking us about the best neighborhoods in Atlanta. We have compiled a list of the nine best places to live in Atlanta, GA, and a synopsis about each one so you can decide which area is for you!

Best Neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA - Here are the Best Places to Live in Atlanta

If you are moving to Atlanta, Georgia then you might be asking yourself, what neighborhood is best for me? There are currently 242 distinct neighborhoods in the city of Atlanta which means that there are a lot of neighborhoods to choose from. While deciding on a neighborhood in this big city may seem overwhelming, it is important to pick one that meets all of your needs and expectations.

Whether you decide to live downtown or in the suburbs, a

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Living in Atlanta

Find out why 36 new people per day are moving to Atlanta!

Moving to Atlanta - Find out what it is like living in Atlanta, GA?

Often referred to as “ATL” or “The Big Peach,” Atlanta, Georgia has many nicknames. With a current population of more than 5.6 million people in the area, Atlanta is known as the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the country. Atlanta is a great place to live - there's a reason it made our list of best places to live in Georgia! If you are looking at moving to the ATL then you have come to the right place. When living in this cultural hub discover delicious food, amazing scenery, friendly people, and amenities like no other. If you are looking for a big southern city that has a small-town feel, then this is the place for you.

A little History of Atlanta

Founded in

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Living in Georgia

Considering relocating to Georgia? Here are 12 things to know BEFORE you Move to the Peach State!

Moving to Georgia - What is it like living in the state of Georgia

Over 100,000 new residents are moving to the state of Georgia every year. If you are thinking about becoming one of these many new residents then you will be happy to know that Georgia is a good state to move to. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, amazing food, and southern hospitality, it is worth moving to Georgia for many reasons.

The state of peaches is home to historical landmarks, beautiful scenery, and a  growing job market. Not to mention, top-rated school systems and an eccentric and diverse metro area. While living in Georgia might be a little bit more expensive than living in Florida, the state has many affordable

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Living in Savannah GA

Thinking about moving to Savannah, GA? We have you covered. Here is what life is like living in Savannah!

Moving to Savannah - What is it like Living in Savannah GA?

All About Savannah

Charming. Enchanting. Friendly. When it comes to Southern hospitality, Savannah simply can't be beaten. 

It's no surprise that residents and visitors alike consistently rank this Georgia city among the world's friendliest. Here, you'll find a unique fusion of old-style charm and new-school style, thanks to a rich history, beautiful architecture, stunning green spaces, and vibrant cultural life. 

Savannah's municipal past stretches back to 1733 when a ship full of English colonists arrived on a cold February day and decided to stay. They named their settlement — which was the 13th American

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How to Age in Place - Aging at Home with family and with help from others

How to Age in Place

For seniors and folks looking to age in place, making long-term plans can seem overwhelming. When looking towards the future there is one thing guaranteed: change will be taking place. But that doesn't mean you have to change your long-term living arrangements. While many people assume that part of aging is moving, more and more of today's seniors are instead choosing to "age in place." Loved ones and technology are playing a big role in helping seniors age in place. Here is an in-depth guide on what that means and how to most effectively carry it out, from family support to necessary preparation, here is how to age in place:

What Does it Mean to Age in Place?

To age in place means that rather than move into a smaller

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